Welcome to LLUMA Land!

LLUMA Land is an “out of this world” place, similar in nature to the “Imagine Nation”. I specifically came up with this as a solution to the fragmentation that was happening to my self. I was feeling a lot of pressure to keep my different passions and ideas separate, because they are so different, and maybe it’s a bit weird to be interested in so many different things. But now I have decided, “why not just embrace all of it in one united place!?”

Here’s a little introduction to each of the sections you’ll find in this one new place!

As a creative person, I love to make things and I am naturally driven to DIY projects. Visit my Etsy Shop to see more of what I have made – that is at Fur & Fleece. I also enjoy trying to figure out how things work, and I am so very curious about so many things! This is my Life-Long Learner side, which you will find more about in “Catching Curiosity”, my blog about learning everyday.

Some other places will be added to the LLUMA Land map soon, so keep in touch if you would like to know when that happens!